Innovative Wellness, Innovative Weight-loss and Innovative MedSpa, is a facility where we offer a variety of health-related and cosmetic services to fit your needs. Our medical staff takes pride in listening to each of our clients concerns and discovering new ways to encourage a pathway to better health. 

COVID-19 Regulations 

* All individuals who have cold or flu-like symptoms are instructed to reschedule their appointments and/or schedule a tele-health visit with Heather Pavlinsky. 

* In accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of State Mask mandate, all individuals entering Innovative Wellness and MedSpa are required to wear a mask at all times. 

* Although we are asking that all individuals come to their appointments alone to try and limit exposure, we acknowledge that there will be certain instances where other individuals are required to accompany patients to their scheduled visit. Therefore, if the patient is a minor and/or requires special accommodations, please notify the office ahead of the scheduled appointment. 

* In accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of State Travel Restrictions, all individuals who are returning back to PA from another state and/or country, and are over the age of 11 years old, are required to present a negative COVID-19 test and/or quarantine for 10 days after arriving home. Please notify the office if you have been traveling within the last two weeks. 

* For further questions and/or concerns about travel restrictions, please follow the below link:

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Heather Pavlinsky 



Family Primary Care

and Nurse Practitioner


322 Armbrust Road Suite 102

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