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Abs Exercise

BodyTone Sculpting 

Tired of the same old gym workouts or fitness video to get those desired abs? If so, we have the perfect alternative for you! Introducing BodyTone by Rohrer Aesthetics!!!

What to expect? 

As the treatment begins, patients will feel their muscles start to contract. This sensation will not be painful but can be intense depending on one's specific treatment goals. This treatment will not interfere with workouts either. You make continue to exercise after treatment is performed if desired. Good candidates for BodyTone include men and women who want to shape, firm and tone their muscles. The procedure may result in weight loss and works best with patients who have already reached a healthy weight.


How many treatments will I need? 

We recommend the patients undergo 2 treatments per week for 3 weeks, for a total of 6 treatments. Ongoing maintenance treatments are recommended for continued muscle strength and definition. 



What results can I expect? 

Just like the gym, results take time and supplemental sessions. Results are generally visible after the last treatment (results will vary from patient to patient). For maximum results, maintenance is recommended. No downtime is associated with this treatment. 

How long do treatments last? 

Treatments will last 30-minutes which is equivalent to 20,000 muscle contractions. 

How much does it cost ? 

Our BodyTone  $198.00 per treatment. We can also arrange multiple treatment sessions for you. Both options are more affordable than Emsculpt, Body Sculpting and other body contouring alternatives. 

  • 45 min

    From 198 US dollars
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