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PRP Eye Drops (2 Vials)

“PRP,” is a treatment which uses a person’s own blood to prepare a treatment product for your Eyes.

Service Description

PRP as eye drops, we are not only providing a high concentration of healing growth factors, but also cytokines and proteins that help reduce inflammation, prevent infections and have natural analgesic actions to reduce pain. PRP eye drops have been shown to be effective in the treatment of moderate to severe dry eye disease (both evaporative and aqueous deficient) including neuropathic and LASIK induced dry eye disease. Studies have also shown that PRP drops promote the healing of corneal ulcers and reduce the frequency of recurrent corneal erosions.

Cancellation Policy

We require a 25$ deposit to schedule spa services. If you do not show or cancel your appointment, your deposit is non refunded. Your deposit will be applied to your service.

Contact Details

  • Innovative Wellness & Weight Loss Center LLC, Armbrust Road, Youngwood, PA, USA

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