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Ambry Genetics 


Innovative Wellness proudly partners with Ambry Genetics to provide genetic testing to help identify individuals at increased risk of hereditary cancers. Genetic testing for hereditary cancer risk can help you be proactive about your health care and mitigate the devastating effects of cancer diagnoses. When individuals learn they have higher risks, they and their doctors can take better steps to prevent, detect early, or treat cancer, as well as identify other family members who are at increased risks for cancer.

What Is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing is the process of examining our genetic makeup to detect disease-causing mutations that may be passed on to future generations.

Why Is Genetic Testing Important?

For people who may be at risk for or have already been diagnosed with a potentially inherited disease – or for those whose symptoms have gone undiagnosed despite years of searching for answers – the importance of clinical genetic testing cannot be overstated.

How Do I Know If I Need Genetic Testing?

The specific criteria for determining if genetic testing would be beneficial for you or a family member depends on the type of disease that is reflected in your family medical history.

Please take this Hereditary Cancer Questionnaire for a quick assessment. To learn more about Ambry Genetics’ Testing, please visit

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