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Silhouette Instalift
(Non-Surgical Treatment)

Silhouette InstaLift is a minimally invasive procedure that will be performed using FDA 510k-cleared equipment and best practice safety and hygiene techniques to immediately lift facial skin and gradually renew the body’s natural collagen.

This procedure involves the placement of absorbable sutures under the skin. These absorbable sutures include tiny cones that utilize an opposing cone orientation to achieve tissue lift and compression by grabbing and holding facial tissue in the elevated position.


Pre-cautions before treatment: 

  • The superficial placement of the Silhouette InstaLift device may lead to visual or palpable identification or extrusion. Some devices may require removal prior to their absorption due to discomfort, infection, reaction, or other concerns. This is not a permanent correction and the effects in correcting facial sagging are temporar

  • Possible complications of Silhouette InstaLift treatment include minimal acute inflammatory tissue reaction, pain, edema, minimal swelling and bruising, sensory nerve injury, asymmetry, and banding. Implantation of foreign materials in tissue can result in histological reactions.

Post-Care Treatment Recommendations: 

  • After treatment, slight swelling or bruising may occur. Sometimes, a slight depression or skin irregularity may appear at the insertion points. These typically disappear a few days after treatment, but some variation in time may occur.

  • Apply cold packs immediately after treatment, if required (the cold packs should be wrapped to avoid direct contact with skin and insertion points).

  • Acetaminophen may be taken in case of pain (2-3 days).

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