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The Hyperthermic Far-Infrared Sauna (HyperT Sauna) is the most advanced whole-body wellness pod available, incorporating both thermal & non-thermal Red Light health technology. Unlike most traditional saunas, the Hyper-T sauna keeps the head outside the pod and under constant cooling, which allows for higher core body temperatures to be achieved; which in turn, allows exercising or HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to be performed for 15 minutes to 60 minutes for maximum caloric burn and metabolism detox. 

Moreover, dual far-infrared and convection heating is coupled with red and near-infrared light therapy to maximize wellness outcomes. Experience both passive and active-thermal exercise in a pod with chromo-LEDs, dual vibration massage, oxygen-enriched air and 15 synchronized technologies that promote the improvement of general health.

Finally, individuals can control the pod temperature with touch screen capability to enjoy a relaxing dual- motor massage, while breathing ionic Himalayan salt oxygen-enriched air, as your stress melts away. Enhance your session with adding on IV Hydration. 

Exposure to Red and Near-infrared light is a relaxing and non-thermal (cool) session with multiple wavelengths of light (red 635nm, invisible 810nm, 850nm & 940nm). Photons (light) are absorbed by the cell which reduces aging from damaging free radicals to restore energy production at the cellular level. When this is achieved, inflammation is reduced and the healing of wounds, tendons, muscles and nerves is encouraged.


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