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Achieving your fitness goals with advanced technology

Do you ever wonder if the money you spend on technology for fitness oriented goals, is actually working? If so, we have an interesting discovery on Fitness Trackers to share with you.

According to an article written on UPMC HealthBeat, " research showed that individuals who wore fitness trackers ended up gaining more weight" (UPMC HealthBeat, 2017). However do not fret, UPMC HealthBeat also listed recommendations on how to lessen the risk of gaining weight from occurring:

  • Set daily goals appropriate to your lifestyle, rather than using the preset ones.

  • Increase the amount of activity you get instead of counting your steps.

  • If you have a fitness tracker, wear it at all times to help provide an accurate reading of your progress.

  • Create your profile and make sure that you are calibrating your device to your body.

  • Connect your fitness tracker to various apps that work together for your health.

  • Use the tracker’s social features to connect with people who have similar goals.

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