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Enjoy a list of recommended supplements that are sold at Innovative Wellness and Weight-loss Center to enhance the state of your well-being to become healthier and stronger! 

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We encourage all visitors to thoroughly read through each product description to ensure the highest quality of success towards becoming stronger and healthier.

To purchase one of the below products, please call 724-635-0147. After the order has been processed, a representative will send you an e-receipt and set up a scheduled pick-up time for your order! 

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Disclaimer: Innovative Wellness Center and Innovative Weight-loss LLC. are not legally responsible for any side effects and/or medication contradictions that take place while consuming one of  the below medications. Individuals are encouraged and responsible in consulting with their healthcare provider before taking the desired medication, 

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Supplements For Sale


Premium Hemp Oil - 400mg CBD


Premium Hemp Oil is a unique blend of powerful digestive enzymes and probiotics designed to support optimal gluten digestion.

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 hair, skin, and nails capsules

$29.99 / 100 capsules

Hair, Skin & Nails is a form of vitamin B found in foods. This medicine helps the body break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

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Wheat Rescue 


Wheat Rescue is a unique blend of powerful digestive enzymes and probiotics designed to support optimal gluten digestion.

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Ascorbic acid Capsules


The health benefits of vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, include the prevention and treatment of scurvy, common cold, lead toxicity, and has anti-cancer potential. It aids in boosting the immune system, lowering hypertension, curing cataracts, combating stroke, maintaining the elasticity of skin, healing wounds, and controlling the symptoms of asthma. 


Be-Thin is a sublingual spray that contains lipotropic nutrients. Its benefits include appetite control, energy and stamina boost, an acceleration in fat loss, boosts mental focus and maintains lean body mass. 

Be-Thin Spray