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Supplements: Top 3 things to remember

Written By: Nolan Mitcheltree (Fitness/Strengthening Coach)

Supplements come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, while also having a multitude of different functions, to better aid individuals in achieving a happier and healthier lifestyle. Certain supplements are utilized to increase performance, while others promote health and vitality. However, sometimes a supplement is no better than a simple, well-balanced diet. For example, if you are already consuming enough whole lean protein through your daily intake of food, there is no reason to continue purchasing over-the-counter protein shakes. In fact, whole food options will always outperform supplemental options.

A proprietary blend is a mixture of multiple ingredients, all combined into one section on the label. This means that an individual has no idea how much of each specific ingredient he or she may be ingesting and whether or not they are clinically being dosed accurately. Individuals will find that most companies participate in the act of making proprietary blends, but this is a trick that companies will use to bypass FDA regulations. Therefore, be sure to examine vitamins and supplements and only purchase products if all ingredients are being displayed on the bottle.

Finally, speak with your healthcare provider before beginning anything new. Creating an open dialogue between you and your physician allows you to make better decisions in regards to your health.

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