Heather Pavlinsky, CRNP

Telehealth Visits

Feeling ill and/or have an emergency you need to discuss with the physician? Do not worry, we are here to help! The Innovative Wellness and Innovative Weight-loss Center offers virtual appointments for patients. To schedule virtual visits with Heather Pavlinsky, please contact the office at 724-635-0147. 

Once the appointment is scheduled, individuals will receive a secure link to download the Spruce app. This app is what the facility utilizes in order to ensure the highest security of all HIPPA regulations. Through the Spruce app individuals will be able to leave a voice message, call and/or text the number listed above and one of the office's service representatives will get back to individuals as quickly as possible. 


Heather Pavlinsky 



Family Primary Care

and Nurse Practitioner


322 Armbrust Road Suite 102

Youngwood, Pa 15697

(Phone): 724-635-0147

(Email) iwwc@innovativewwc.com

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