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Tattoo Removal

Target those unwanted Tattoos!

Service Description

The Spectrum offers 2-different wavelengths (1064nm and 532nm). The 1064nm reduces/removes most dark colored tattoo inks and the 532nm reduces/removes most vibrant colored tattoo inks. Pricing for Tattoo Removal is based off the size of the tattoo is sq inches: XS: $75; up to 1 sq in. S: $150; 1-3 sq in. M: $250; 4-9 sq in. L: $400; 9-16 sq in. XL: $600; 16-25 sq in. XXL: $1,000; 25-100 sq in. 6-10 Treatments are recommended for desired results. Ask about our packages!

Contact Details

  • Innovative Wellness & Weight Loss Center LLC, Armbrust Road, Youngwood, PA, USA

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