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Exclusive Promotion: For the first 20 NEW clients to join the program in January 2022, will receive a 15 minute complimentary skin tightening session with a FREE sample of our Lipo-BC capsules! Call 724-635-0147 to reserve your spot as limited availability is quickly approaching! Use Code: NewYearNewStart22

Every New Year, thousands of individuals struggle with maintaining a healthy diet due to the holidays. However, this year we are going to change that struggle and transform it into success for all of you.

With the help of our medical weight loss program, clients will reduce their calorie intake, achieve a decrease in weight measurements and leave the office feeling stronger and healthier than when they started the program!

A client's first consultation ($168.00) with Heather Pavlinsky, CRNP is a comprehensive visit where an individual's past medical history is discussed, along with any current symptoms or conditions that the client may be experiencing. At this same appointment, Heather Pavlinsky will also thoroughly review with the client, dietary and lifestyle counseling, along with taking baseline weight measurements.

After the above is completed, the individual may be referred to have blood work drawn in-house or at a preferred lab (based on patient insurance). This allows the healthcare provider to rule out any other conditions that may be in the running towards contributing to one's "weight gain" and/or "unsatisfactory dietary/ lifestyle changes". Once the blood work is reviewed by the provider, she may call in a medication for the patient based on medical necessity (this is a seperate fee solely handled by the third party pharmacy and insurance).

In the event that a prescribed medication would not be covered under insurance, our office will do one of the following:

1) Submit an authorization to the insurance plan to seek approval under medical necessity. Please be advised that it can take up to 5 days to hear back from an insurance plan. 2) Ask the healthcare provider if there is an alternative medication that is more cost-effective that can be substituted.

3) Offer one of our in-house products:

- Lipo BC Pills: Help to boost your immune system and increase your metabolism

- Phen 365 (Natural Appetite Suppressant)

-Contrave (#1 oral weight loss medication)

**Please be advised that medication refills do require monthly appointments ($98.00) to be kept. Although we do understand that last minute incidents occur, we offer telehealth appointments to add convenience into our clients schedules.

In conclusion, our medical weight loss program is unique because it allows customization per clients needs. Therefore, say goodbye to comparing your own progress to someone else and take it step by step with specialized guidance to achieve your goals. So take the pressure off of yourself and join a program that consists of positive reinforcement, customization and support to help you reach for the stars in achieving weight loss in 2022!

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