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Direct Primary Care

Healthcare Customized To You 


For Individual's WITHOUT Insurance, Try Our Direct Primary Care Membership!

Direct Primary Care (DCP) Service  is Next Generation Health Care

- I consider this to be a bonus to your health care insurance. The AAA of Health Care! 

Direct Primary care is a Fee for service option that does NOT require use of health insurance! 

- Health care coverage can still be use for medications, labs, testing's, consults... 

-  DPC will allow you to pay a flat fee that covers your office visits and onsite testing.

- If you have the premium plan specific medications  & routine labs are included. 

*****Just like car insurance, you have coverage BUT you utilize AAA - JUST IN CASE & for convenience!


Remember: Direct Primary Care does not replace your insurance, rather it is an addition to

your insurance. In fact your appointments can be the same or next day, Labs can be drawn on

site, pharmacy will work to provide you medications at a much more reasonable price.  



Ages 0 to 17: $28 

Ages 18 and up:  $74 

Couple: $120

Single Parent & 1 Child: $75


Ages 0 to 17 :$46

Ages 18 and up: $137

CouplesL: $174


Call and see how we can help you save on premiums

Special Rates for Students

Full Time Student 19-26: $32

*Call For Details 

Registration Fee

$22 per Individual 

Call 724-635-0147 to schedule!