Lash Extensions

"Look Good. Feel Good"

Adding Lashes

How does it work? 

 Our licensed aesthetician uses a  semi-permanent solution to connect each individual synthetic eyelash, one by one, to each individual natural eyelash - not the skin. This in turn, eliminates the need for you to wear mascara while prompting your lashes to look and feel longer. Lash extensions usually last anywhere from 2wks-3wks and will require fill-in sessions based on your natural lash growth cycle. 

Please be advised that not all individuals will be a candidate for this procedure. Therefore, we strongly encourage all clients to schedule an initial consultation with our aesthetician, if you suffer from any skin sensitivities, allergies, and/or other medical conditions.


Classic Full Set $115.00 (2-3 hours)

Classic Fill In $52.00 (1-2 hours)