Massage Therapy

" A Good Weekend Starts With A Positive Attitude & Great Massage"

The Innovative Wellness Center is a safe haven for all who need to escape from their everyday stressors! We offer a variety of massage therapy treatments to appeal to a wide variety of clients.


Our licensed massage therapist Kathleen focuses heavily creating open communication with her patients. To properly assess the condition being treated, she will learn about your history and recommend the appropriate treatment that she feels best would help to mitigate or deter any future pain/tension from occurring.  

Face Massage

What We Offer? 

Massage Types:

Deep Tissue 

Myofascial Release 


Sports Massage


Trigger Point

*** All of the above massages are offered in 30min, 60 min, 90 min and 120 min time intervals. Please see below for pricing details.

Add On's:

Aroma Therapy - $15.00

CBD Oil - $20.00

Cupping - $15.00

Hot Stone - $20.00

**Please be advised that for all 

scheduling needs below, 15 extra minutes will be incorporated for our massage therapist to review follow-up instructions with her patients and maintain with ensuring all rooms are being cleaned between patients. 


Hot Stones Massage